The Barefoot Bistro – Whistler, BC.

Tucked away in the Green Village of Whistler just across from The Listel Hotel, rests an elite culinary adventure like no other – Barefoot Bistro.

Founder André St. Jacques describes the experience as

‘A celebration of food, wine and life’.

With a lavish sense of flare, the overall experience is nothing short of flamboyant. Including Champagne Sabbering, much to my own disappointment this is not opening a bottle of Champagne with a Lightsaber. Still a long, long time ago just not so much in a galaxy far, far away; back when Napoléon Bonaparte was taking power of France.

Your typical French ceremony would not just involve popping a bottle of Champagne with a Saber (once again, not a Lightsaber, but a really thin sword) the chosen weapon within Napoléon’s cavalry.

It has been told that Napoleon would state “Champagne! In victory one deserves it; in defeat one needs it.”

No battle required for champers at Barefoot Bistro.

From embracing French history to captivating guests with a true Canadian adventure, just $48 will let you enter The Ketel One Ice Room.

Let the soft Canadian Goose jacket keep you warm, as you slowly sip samples of top shelf vodka from around the world.

This is experience is about savoring flavors; an educational, adults-only journey through sub zero temperatures is a permanent feature and one of a kind for British Columbia.

Next door, as you step inside Barefoot Bistro, you are greeted with a smiles from the well-dressed waiters, whilst the soft melodies playing from the near by piano adds to that ultimate classically vibe.

The décor seems to have a story of it’s own; embodying all the warmth of back country cabins yet still embracing all the elegance of fine dining.

Although, if the decor has a story then the chairs would have their own trilogy.

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The French influence that acts as the vein in Canadian culture still very much runs through modern Canadian cuisine, as Executive Chef Melissa Craig’s demonstrates with her menu.

From Québec Foie Gras to duck confit, pork terrine and locally sourced seafood. The menu changes with the seasons, always featuring the top local favorites like truffle fries and of course, oysters.

The Barefoot Bistro is pulling out all the stops to impress their guests on a whole new level.

Step in;

Nitro ice cream.

The latest trend is leaving Whistler in frosty haze of delicious goodness.


The liquid nitrogen is poured into a large bowl filled with thick cream.

Like simple wizardry, as whisked the floors around you are engulfed in a smoky like haze of liquid nitrogen.

The freshly made ice cream is accompanied with all the best sundae delights; silky rich dark chocolate and thick salty caramel sauce, an array of tiny marshmallows and chocolate covered sprinkles is a fantastic celebration of adulating at its finest.

It’s basically a show where at the end you get ice cream, really what’s not to love?

Spoon or sword, Barefoot Bistro is an absolute treat!

Spoilt from the moment you walk in, if you want fine food in a classic setting Barefoot Bistro cannot be missed.

Check them out on   Facebook  and Instagram.

Open from 5 pm for Après and 6 pm for dinner.


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