Fleshy Eats At The Cannibal Cafe

At the Gastown end of Granville Street only two steps away from the Canada Line Waterfront Station, decorated by the gray streets that gives Gastown that edgy, hipster feel most millennials Vancourites quest for. The Cannibal Cafe acts like a ray of sunshine in the shadows of the city’s towers, with it follows quality produce and the laid-back vibes from Commercial Drive.

Brightly yellow walls dressed floor to ceiling with old concert posters and band memorabilia and a cosy dining room. This makes me smile, as does the friendly waitress that pops up the moment we walk in.


Side happiness note; have you notice how everywhere is stacked to the nines with IPAs?
Stoked to see The Cannibal Cafe featuring a porter on it’s rotating tap menu; Longboat Chocolate Porters is defs one of the best for BC choices. Not available? Menu favorite and my old faithful; Gypsy Tears gives similar rich flavors as far as ales go – not to mention anything with caramel undertones and I’m in.


Want to feel the warm loving embrace of a special?

LNF everyday is like bear hug at The Cannibal Cafe.

Seriously sip away your Monday blues with Milkshake Monday’s; any burger and a side gets you a free milkshake! While Wing Wednesday seems to get you over the hump with a smile. Everyday has happy offerings between 3pm – 6pm Monday to Friday with eats for under $5 and drinks under $6.

Side note: Splurge and grab your self one of those boozy milkshakes like Irish Nuts because alcohol and Nutella. It’s drinks like these that make adulting worth getting out of bed for.


How hungry?

Could you conquer The Beast?

The Cannibal Cafe’s very own Beast is the ultimate challenge for those competitors with a hunger they cannot satisfy.

The Beast, rightly named, is just that with 8 6 ounce patties separated by 8 double cheddar slices and 8 double bacon strips. Finish this in under 30 minutes and you get your picture up on the wall plus a shirt. Ultimately, it’s about the battle endured to reach the end and say not today.

Not today, burger, not today.

Although I do also wonder if you have to eats the pickles too?

Consequently, as the name may suggest, it’s probably not the ideal date location for someone who doesn’t appreciate the taste of flesh. However, that’s not to say those whom aren’t appeased by burgers won’t still vanquish their appetite.

Treats like poutine and fried pickles are staples at any Canadian burger joint, plus there’s a small range of tasty leafy dishes that remind us that eating healthy and meat free is an option but meat and cheese is what we came here for.

On offer are 11 burgers ranging from regular castings like the American Classic to Big Blue. Foremost, the eyebrow raisers like the Korean BBQ; served with the Korean all-star kimchi drenched with Sriracha scallion mayo and Kalbi glaze.  Most favorable The Jerk, for all the Steve Martin fans, impresses the devourer with house-made jerky and pineapple salsa.

I opted for the Classic with extra cheese, mainly because I was in dire need of a proper – get straight to the point – cheeseburger. Keeping up with the traditionals, I got my beef accompanied with deep fried pickles and onion rings. Adulting done right; always have vegetables with your meal.

I rate this place simply because it’s an affordable burger joint with friendly service in Downtown Vancouver. The Cannibal Cafe is on point for so many reasons, most noteworthy are the daily house-made burger patties. Sourced from BC and grain fed, you are eating proudly made 100% certified organic beef. Furthermore for the local regulars of Granville, The Cannibal Cafe shies away from that typical downtown crowd, bright lights, hustle bustle. Tucked away, yet still so central, definitely gives a true sense to the label burger dive.

Forgot your umbrella or work load to big you can’t abandon your station?
Might as well just get it delivered to the office, why settle for soup and sandwich when you can have your favorite burger served right at your desk.

There’s not much The Cannibal Cafe doesn’t offer, that is of course except hooman.

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