The Barefoot Bistro – Whistler, BC.

Tucked away in the Green Village of Whistler just across from The Listel Hotel, rests an elite culinary adventure like no other – Barefoot Bistro. Founder André St. Jacques describes the experience as a ‘celebration of food, wine and life’. Now, this is something I can certainly advocate. With a lavish sense of flare, the overall […]

Fleshy Eats At The Cannibal Cafe

At the Gastown end of Granville Street only two steps away from the Canada Line Waterfront Station, decorated by the gray streets that gives Gastown that edgy, hipster feel most millennials Vancourites quest for. The Cannibal Cafe acts like a ray of sunshine in the shadows of the city’s towers, with it follows quality produce and the laid-back […]

5 Tasty AF European Eats.

Backpacking though Europe is a always top of the list for most travelers millennials or not. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices, so before you start chowing down here’s my favorite European eats. 1.Fast Food, Amsterdam – Hot Dogs @TheTonTonClub Some may raise an eyebrow if you said your perfect date location was the […]

The Traveling Pixie @Restaurant 1906. Slovenia, Lake Bled

Restaurant 1906 – Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Outside Restaurant 1906, the streets of Lake Bled are bustling with happy holidaying families enjoying the European sun. From summer time festivities to all the crème cake they can eat. For myself, I shy away from the touristy areas populated with the screams of small children and angered looks of frustrated parents. In this small Slovenian […]

Happy Hour-a-holic

It’s common knowledge that Vancouver; the hipster hub of long beards and 1950’s moustaches, is just as pricey as it is trendy. Over the years I’ve picked up certain tricks in order to keep up to date with the latest local food trends without spending like Beyoncé. Yes, that’s right I enjoy exploiting everyone’s favourite […]