Up Against The Wall – Berlin, Germany.

Closing the old door of our Airbnb behind me and stepping onto the streets of Templehof, Germany.

A hot pot of cultures, coming together to make home in one of the most accepting and diverse countries in the world. Known for an abandoned airport, the down town area has a vibe of it’s own.

“Today, today we trek.”

From beggars to students, the streets here are littered with diversity; grey buildings to lush green parks, smiling faces to hands held out in desperation.

Germany is all about the contrast. The balance of life and death, of love and hate, left to right, the past and present.  Those whom have been silenced yell louder than ever before.



Side note: also home to what I to believe the best kebabs, possibly in the world. It’s an outrageous remark, which I stand behind. They’re that bloody good.

Street Art in Berlin, Germany.


This is what I was here for.

Unknowingly, though. The moment you step into the hub of Germany’s capital, you are teleported to a whole other dimension. It wasn’t the endless walking for 8 hours that was leaving me breathless, it was the never ending array of splattered colours and passionate outcries, dripping in paint.

 From Templehof’s feld to Checkpoint Charlie, stopping at the Holocaust Memorial and Hitler’s grave (a car park with a shitty tree). You will find pieces on doors and sides of buildings but the best and need to visit in Berlin is the East Side Gallery. From there the city rips open like a tear in the fabric of our universe. Thus, creating an outlet for incredibly artistic individuals and a subculture for the German youth.

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Along the Spree river on hot summer days, all walks of life collect by the river banks. Cold beer in hand, the sound of live music drifts along the water echoing through the empty buildings that surround the East Side area. Silent reminders of a time most want to forget.

The best part?

Get lost.

Not knowing where to turn, following the water and embracing the adventure.

This was just a nostalgic look back at an inspiring time, as I eagerly await the next big adventure starting this July. For a more in-depth look into Berlin, I suggest taking a look at Nomadic Matt Conquering Berlin.

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