My Story

Jemma Jones is

The Traveling Pixie;

a writer with a permanent hunger to eat, drink and enjoy life around the world.

Here’s my story;

Nomadic wander seemed to be inevitable.

From England to Australia, living in almost every state.

As a kid, ‘home’ changed every few years and packing became second nature.

It was exciting and exhausting.

Changing schools, not to mention constantly being surrounded by the feelings of unfamiliarity.

There was always one comfort, though. One place where I belonged.

Growing up in my parents restaurants, I had the opportunity at an early age to meet and wok with people from all across the world.

I fell in love with the diversity and universal language that accompanied food.

Let’s fast forward to the age of 22, when the itch for adventure felt like drowning.

I couldn’t go – what about money? My education? My friends? My parents?

You can’t just pick up and go.

It turns out, you can. You’ve just got to want it bad enough.

I bought a one way ticket to BC, Canada and set out on what was suppose to be a 6 month contract working at a ski resort. Said goodbye to the sun, my loved ones and embarked on an adventure that ended up becoming life.

Wilderness Way, Sweden




















It had been 5 years.

2 of which, confided me to the country whilst I went through the process of becoming a permanent resident.

I was in love with a whole new world, a new way of life. Not so different from Australia, yet so completely the opposite.

The colors of fall, the snow on my face, the ascent and hockey fever, poutine and aluring mountains.

I traveled across the British Columbia; the supernatural province, that lives up to the title. One of the few places where you can snowboard and surf within a few hours drive of each other.

Still, it felt like the longest time I had ever stayed in one place.

I may have been living in Canada but life had become somewhat stagnant.

Wasn’t I suppose to conquering dreams and fulfilling MY life goals, not the goals set forth by the social stigmas of this world.

In 2015, I quit my job in management and pressed the reset button on life, again.

Since then I have gotten lost in Taipei, partied till dawn in Venice, befriended a cat in Marseilles, tasted the fresh taste of back street pizza in Naples, exposed myself to the flavour and pungent smell of sour fish in Sweden, collected bottle tops across Germany along with photographing anything and everything street art.

The past decade has seen me scattered across the globe.

Taipei 2015

On returning to Canada, I moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in sales and marketing, focusing in the travel industry.

I spent several years immersed in the travel world, from the other side.

The dark side, it could at time be referred to.

From a cubicle, educating myself and others on long term travel options like au pairing, teaching English, volunteering and working holidays.

My clients weren’t just people, they were friends, friends I wanted to help anyway possible.

I’ll never forget Rita; a 40-something woman wanting to completely change her life. She was terrified. Quite rightly, life changing IS SCARY but that’s no reason not to do it. She called me everyday, until the day she left Canada for Thailand on a 6 months adventure teach children English.

The thing is, as much as I loved helping people.

I was still working for the ‘man’.

This wasn’t the dream, it was just another distraction.

You’ve got to be very careful of those.

I set my sights on something a little different; to become a cheese maker on a goat farm in Sweden and move to The Netherlands.

Now with The Traveling Pixie I can cut the bullshit and tell you how it really is.

I don’t want to sell you on the idea; I want to inspire you to actually do it.

Know that there are going to be times where you hold yourself in the fetal position, crying yourself to sleep out of fear and loneliness.

It’s not easy, but greatness rarely is.

Live the life you dreamed of.

And if I can make you laugh, well, that’s my day made.

Anyway, that’s enough awkward writing about myself.

“And I won’t sit down
And I won’t shut up
And most of all I will not grow up”

Photosynthesis, Frank Turner.