Restaurant 1906 – Lake Bled, Slovenia.

Outside Restaurant 1906, the streets of Lake Bled are bustling with happy holidaying families enjoying the European sun. From summer time festivities to all the crème cake they can eat.

Not the type for the touristy areas, populated with the screams of small children and angered looks of frustrated parents. In this small Slovenian town, quietly hidden away up top of a hill sits the The Trivglav Hotel. Residing on these streets since 1906, this quaint hotel has a certain type of local elegance that entices you for more.

As you enter  your eyes will meet with the grand piano and you’re instantly taken aback by the historic beauties on display, from kitchen equipment to china the stories behind the meals have an intriguing honour to the past.

The true pride lays within their high quality of service, further wowing their guests with modern Slovene cooking. Surrounded by the white and black of professionally dressed waiters and sommeliers, together complicating the pristinely laid out dinning room.

We did not, at any point, look like we should be there. We were passing through, after spending 7 days covered in mud at a metal festival.

Regardless, we were spoiled with the best seat in the house, a candlelit table with window to window view. I recommend reserving a table ahead of time, especially during the summer.

Restaurant 1906 boasts the best view in town.

Now, when the time comes for you to decide whether to choose the a la carte or set menu, opt to let Viktor Gros and his team of kitchen wizards take you on a culinary quest with their set menu changed daily. Damir Salkič leads the sommeliers, their expertise in wines exceed expectations and provide you with an educational experience to truly enjoy.

A lover of all wines, with a knowledge that doesn’t extend from cheap not so good to expensive probably better. Our sommelier was able to select the best nectar for the evening, a bottle of Ribolla Selekcija. Soft and subtle flavors, a rich golden color much like the sun that kissed the grapes, left behind a delightful long lasting taste.

A selection from Marjan Simčič’s vineyard, whose family have been proudly producing wine in the Goriska Brda wine region since 1806. It didn’t take long until we truly understood why the region ranked superior.

Distracted by a fantastic view, flavourful wine and great conversation by the time our bread and amuse bouche had arrived.

I had almost forgotten we were there to eat.

Delicately rolled prosciutto, olive and mesclum with a dash of olive oil had all the salty flavors to tempt the palette for more and as I drenched my bread in pumpkin oil, a local favorite, my hunger grew.

Restaurant 1906 outside
@Restaurant1906 – Lake Bled, Slovenia. Photo by Jemma Jones

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The sun was slowly beginning to set behind the mountains, leaving behind a splatter of color. The wine was flowing,  at a appreciative pace when the first course arrived.

A classic with a modern twist; smoked goose breast with a honey and lavender lentil salad partnered with beetroot cream. You don’t make friends with salad but with the baby in front of you, you’re making a soul mate.

The smoked flavors, tender goose that perfectly matched with the sweet and calming lentils came together in an explosion of aromatic delight.

At this point, I was concerned as to how the other dishes would compare but I needn’t worry, we soaked up the remaining beetroot cream and swiftly our plates were cleared in anticipation for the next adventure.

Topinambour soup with parsley cream and potato chips.

Thickly cut threads of interwoven gold, just allow it soak up the creamy like silk soup for just a moment so with still half a crunch it’s perfection. Seemingly, each course became better and better by building each other up like a symphony.

I imagine the Chef as the conductor, flowing with passion and the music he was mastering as the night steadily progresses.

Dinner @restaurant1906 - Lake Bled, Slovenia. By Jemma Jones
Dinner @restaurant1906 – Lake Bled, Slovenia. By Jemma Jones

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Our main course was a wild boar with porto sauce, pasta ‘idrjski žlikrofi’- ham and potato stuffed dumplings, accompanied by vegetables and a vegetable cream.Wild boar is perhaps my favorite of the game family.Stately cooked with a rosy center, the knife didn’t saw like I was slaughtering the animal myself.

Oh and the sauce.

As a young girl I would watch  my own Dad invest his blood, sweat and tears into fine dishes. The sauce though, this was different, this was sacred.

A great sauce demands a piece of your soul.

The entire course demanded your attention. With a unique spin on a traditional Slovene dish ‘idrjski žlikrofi’ to embracing the rich thick sauce was gamey flavors of the boar.

 Each dish at Restaurant 1906  presented, had its own finesse style taking a new approach to Slovene cooking. Dishes were majestic and the portion sizes were flawless. So with just a little room remaining, the final course added a sweet tooth melody to end the night.

Chocolate fondant and a raspberry sorbet, visually appeasing as well as palatable. Rich dark chocolate warmth on one half of the spoon melting the tangy raspberry on the other, the two an attractive couple luring your eyes for more so your mouth cannot turn away.

Dessert - Restaurant 1906 - Slovenia - Lake Bled
Dessert time! @restaurant1906 Photo by Jemma Jones.

 Lake Bled brings tourists from across the globe catering for all.

With family camp sites, that include a very nice glamping tepee plus an amazing tree house and your typical find anywhere type hotels.

But if you want to step outside the norm, run far far away from your typical tourist experience. The Trivglav Hotel and Restaurant 1906 are the ideal fit for your niche palette.

My recommendation for a truly exceptional time; enjoy a glass of your favorite Slovene wine in the Hotels Saloon before letting the magically hands of a resident masseuse provide you with a new sense of tranquility.

Finish off by treating your other senses to a culinary voyage.


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