Top 6 Free Apps For Backpacking

It feels like there are more apps out there than Facebook likes on an anti-Trump meme. The true dilemma which so many millennials are faced with each day, is the issue of too many choices. I got your back, here’s my top free 6 apps that will defs save your ass when backpacking (they saved mine!).

Now, you can care freely shake away your 9 to 5, hit up those dreams of Europe, flip off your boss and still tell Mum you’re fine.

 Sidenote: They’re all available for iOS and Android.

Sunsets in Rome, Italy.
Sunsets in Rome, Italy.


Combine Rome2rio with Eurail and you’ll never be stuck or feel lost.

If your a virgin traveler Rome2rio takes the anxiety out of it; basically you can use the app as a personalized dummies guide to getting around Europe.

If you have no clue what you’re doing or where to start Rome2rio has got your back.


We’ve all got a story of the urgent departure.

For those “I need to go and I need to go now” situations Expedia is there cap flapping in the wind like the hero of the travel world.

Whether you’re fleeing bed bug ridden hostels or you simply want to avoid the judgmental eyes of the bar staff who didn’t appreciate of your 4 am rendition of ‘Don’t Stop Believing‘ Expedia’s app is easy to use and flawless for booking last minute accommodation or flights.

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It’s not just about accommodation, it’s the overall experience. Not only do you get to meet some very amazing people,  you also have the opportunity to embrace the living like a local lifestyle.

It’s an affordable way to travel.

Although, if you have the ability to ‘make it rain‘ – there are some lush properties that really take the cake  (like castles and the TMNT hide out – I shit you not).

I was skeptical at first, worried it was too good to be true turns out it was better.

My personal experiences have all been flawless plus it is safe and reliable.

Smoke The Cat in Marseille, France.
Smoke The Cat in Marseille, France.

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If Cheapoair hasn’t been on your cheap flight finder radar, chances are you’ve missed some rad deals.

Plus there’s a readily available customer service team. Perfect should you find you have too many expensive questions relating to that of baggage size and quantity.

XE Currency

You will need this one; it’s a beaut.

You can stay up to date with all the fluctuations at a slide of your finger. Not to mention, it’s a great way to suss out if your getting ripped off.


Timetables and plans become a redundant, convoluted task that no backpacker needs.

That is until you have reached a new level of exhaustion, that only comes from the typical backpacker lifestyle of sleepless nights and hectic days. Having a plan that doesn’t involve a six hour wait in the middle of nowhere with your only company being that of a bench and a questionable toilet.

In such cases Eurail will assist with averted such atrocities.

Up to date and easy to use, all you have to know is where you are and where your wanting to go.

Slovenia 2015 Europe

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