Top 6 Reasons To Teach English Overseas

So what’s stopping you from Teaching English Overseas?

You’re in your twenties and at the very cusp of learning that adulthood ain’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The cure?


It’s really that easy, despite what some may say.

No, I’m not saying take a trip to Cuba for 2 weeks with your friends from high school.

You have the chance to take a trip of a life time, meet people from across the globe and potentially change lives: yours as well as others.

Why labour away each day pining for a holiday when life can become one?

The world can be your office, each door of opportunity a new country filled with chance and change.

There are so many options available for those wanting to change the direction of their lives or even if it’s to simply fund long term travels.

If you don’t mind not getting paid you could try or volunteering on

Hugely popular, teaching English as a second language abroad is one of the best decisions you could make and here’s 6 reasons why:

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1. Bachelors Degree Not Required.

If you’re feeling pressure from every angle about staying in school but your heart is not there.

Guess what?

You don’t have to stay.


School will always be there but your twenties won’t. This is the age to follow your heart and your dreams not getting into mass amounts of debt by following someone else’s.

For some countries in South East Asia and South America you don’t require a bachelors degree! All you need is your TESOL or TEFL and the willingness to embrace other cultures.

That’s right friends whilst others are forking out thousands of dollars and wasting time in a class they can’t stand, you can be traveling the world and get paid to do so.

2. Meeting New People.

Countries like Thailand and South Korea are incredibly popular for those wanting to teach English and are a international web of travelers, even if you’re the awkward introvert chances are you’ll make a friend before even leaving the airport.

Making friends overseas is an effortless task plus you’ll now have a network of friends across the globe – imagine going to Australia or the UK and have a couch you can sleep on for free?!

3. Jazz Up Your Resume.

International work experience is always a stand out and teaching English is the type of job that raises eyebrows with intrigue.

The skills you will develop as a teacher are invaluable in the work place, it screams responsible and reliable.

Some may have a degree and a fair few with the appropriate work experience and then there’s you; a teacher, providing children with the opportunity to have a better future.

4. That Whole Self Growth Journey Thing.

Life is too short to wake up each morning and hate what your doing.

Yes, it’s scary to pick up your stuff and go live in a new country especially when you can’t speak the language.

Life begins when you step outside your comfort zone.

It’s not just you whom will be teaching them – you are on your own educational journey discovering elements of your personality, redefining skills and developing new ones.

You’ll begin to see your own confidence rise, the trust in yourself will become so strong and your perspective on the world rapidly changes.

5. Immerse Yourself in a New Culture

There is more to the life than just Netflix and chill.

You’re aware not everyone knows who the Kardashians are, right?

Could you imagine your day being so filled that a play by play on Facebook might be a thing of the past? 

Living in another country pushes you to get out of that tourist mentality, whether it’s eating deep fried tarantulas or learning about daily religious traditions, there’s a whole world you know nothing about and what lives there will change yours.

6. The Adventure

Remember what the night before Christmas would feel like when you were a kid?

So excited you couldn’t sleep, the world would become so filled with wonder and endless opportunities.

That’s how you are going to feel every night.

And the next morning?

No need to set an alarm.

You are leaping out of bed – heart racing as your mind begins to plan the day:

Yoga on the beach at sunrise.

Have a break through moment with a student.

Laugh with the locals.

Share stories with other teachers.

All the food.

Drinks you can’t pronounce.

Finding your way.

Getting lost.

Feed an elephant.

And that’s just a day.

Imagine what 6 months would be like.

Life, now is your adventure.

The world is you’re oyster! Filled with an abundance of opportunities for you to travel, like these realistic AF ways to travel for free.

Let's start planning! Photo credit: Flymag Theme. The Traveling Pixie
Photo credit: Flymag Theme

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