5 Realistic AF Ways to Travel the World for Free

You can travel for free, it’s no longer a secret. The evolving sharing economy has made a huge impact on the way we travel. No more, do we have to stand and proclaim “Traveling is too expensive!”

I mean it’s a fair call to make, travel can be expensive. Travel is expensive for those whom don’t know what their doing.

So let me share some things with you.

I’m going to give it you straight.

You would have to be 6 ft plus with boobs like melons and a Monroe giggle, if you’re going to get a luxury trip completely paid for (that, or maybe you’re a rich families Au pair).

So if your like me and you don’t fit the stereotype or you’re not overly keen on looking after someones else’s kids, this is a REALISTIC LIST of how to actually travel for free, or at least with very minimal costs.

Whether you’ve just finished university, your shift at work or the relationship that was holding you back. No matter the despair or financial burdens, the dwindling funds aren’t going to stop you anymore.

This is how you can travel the world for free.

Are you ready for the adventure?

hwo to travel the world for free or minimal cost

I LOVE workaway.info ! I would spend my days at work sneaking moments, looking at families across the world. Day dreaming of a life in Finland or Sweden (which I did!). I’m not a big fan of ‘sign up and see’ so I did my diligent research before investing the messily $35 for a 12 month subscription. A definite favorite in the ways to travel for free. I know I wouldn’t have been able to stay in Sweden for such a long time without Workaway.

Sure you have to give up around 5 hours of your day, keep in mind you’ll be learning new skills and investing time in a field you may never normally have the opportunity to be apart of. Not to mention, the families will feed and house you. Maybe you’ll get a room in the house, if you’re lucky (like I was) you’ll get your own cabin in the woods.

farm work sweden how to travel for free

View from the front porch of our cabin in Sweden.

Work on vineyard in Germany or help a family and their husky farm Lapland, why not!? The website is easy to navigate and the messaging system is tops.

The $35 a year is nothing, when you compare it the life changing experience you will have.

And all the delicious food you’ll get to eat.

By now you’ve most likely heard of couchsurfing.com these guys are an excellent way to travel the world for free. I really enjoy how this revolutionary start up became a major catalyst for the sharing economy, along with others like airbnb.com and uber.com. Casey Fenton at 25, figured a way he could save his dollars for his upcoming trip to Iceland. By emailing local students asking to ‘crash’ on their couches, he not only had the trip of a lifetime, he developed a travel changing business idea.


Couch surfing travel for free

Walk in Fenton’s shoes; now with a nifty app you have access to profiles around the world, filled with like minded individuals.

I can hear the worry minds, what about the risk factor?

There will always be risks when traveling, but don’t let that stop you. Many people have met life long friends and even developed relationships from Couchsurfing. It’s a great way to travel for free and make incredible friends. You could even take it slow, Couchsurfing doesn’t just help you travel for free, it also helps with connecting you to other travelers. Make your next trip public and others in the area may just ask to met up for a coffee.

A lifetime subscription only costs $86, travel for almost 3 months and that’s only a $1 a day! Fall in love with couchsurfing.com the vale of the experience will always out weigh the cost.

Have green thumb or want to be apart of the organic revolution? WWOOF, other wised known as WWOOFING, paved the way for the idea of trading work for food and accommodation. Originally started as Weekend Workers On Organic Farms, was pioneered by Sue Coppard way back in 1971. The weekend was such a huge success, wwoofinternational.org has evolved into one of the most widely used ways to travel the globe for free.

Similar to Workaway, WWOOFers are expected to work 4 – 6 hours a day. With duties ranging from sowing seeds, making compost or even wine!

I’ve met a lot of people on my travels whom have been able to stay abroad for years by being a WOOFer. It’s not just about being able to travel for free, you will also get the opportunity to work outside, live an alternative lifestyle and make incredible international friends along the way.

The sign up fee is only $35 for 12 months! That’s basically the cost of bed in a dorm for the night, or like, 7 grande Pumpkin Spice lattes from Starbucks.

Hmm drink coffee, or work on an organic somewhere like Tanzania or Thailand?

I know what I’d be choosing.


wwoofing free travel

TrustedHousesitters.com is another great site to take advantage of if you are looking for other ways to travel for free. Whilst, not hitting the mainstream audience quiet so hard like Couchsurfing.com or Workaway.info.

I’m sure that’s all about to change, with the strengthening relationship between trust and the travel industry.

Seriously, what’s not to love about looking after someones beautiful home. In places like LA, maybe you get to walk their dogs in the early morning sun or lounge by their pool reading a good book. Your friends might be paying hundreds of dollars to do the same the a couple of nights, meanwhile you paid less than that and get to chill in-style for a few months.

There’s actually a nice range house sitting websites out there, like Nomador.com. This is a great starting point, unlike TrustedHousesitters.com, you can sign up for free and have up to 3 applications.

Alternatively, pay $89 for 12 months, which can also be broken down into a quarterly option for only $35. TrustedHousesitters.com is $65 the year and is the largest site of it’s kind on the web.

How to Travel for free housesitting

The final option;

it’s generally overlooked and rarely mentioned as option for traveling for free. It may require somewhat of a career change, but ever thought about becoming a travel agent?

As a previous travel agent, let me tell you the best way a 5 star all-inclusive resort can ensure you’re selling rooms is by getting you in them. I was sitting next to my supervisor when she one a 5 night all paid trip to Jamaica. On the other side of me, was another colleague whom had previously won a 7 night stay in Mexico with return airfare.

Bigger companies like Flight Center, generally always win free trips at travel expos and conferences. Not to mention, staff incentive trips which either cuts your travel costs or provides you with a completely free vacation every 12 months.

Want to have a little spending money when cruising through Ireland or maybe you want more than just a couple of cocktails when lounging in Thailand? Check out these 7 easy saving secrets.

So now that you know money can’t hold you back anymore, where will you be traveling to?

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