Top 4 Quick Munich Musts

First time backpackers have the same problem: squeezing too many countries in with too little time to do everything that’s on the old bucket list.

 Germany is an amazing country. The people, the history, the language it is rich and captivating. The Bavarian capital Munich, takes the cake for cities. Complimenting the beauty with castles and beers at breakfast!

If you only have a couple of days in this fascinating city be sure to visit these

 4 Munich Musts – you won’t want to miss out on.

1. Marienplatz.

“Where are we going?” We didn’t really know; our method using screenshots of Google maps was showing to be far less useful than originally anticipated.

But it didn’t matter.

We were following roof tops to find the Marienplatz and rescue our bearings.

Holy shit.

Mouth to the floor and eyes like saucepans; Marienplatz will gob smack you like a sack of potatoes.

Low hanging grey clouds elegantly draped around this architecture masterpiece like the perfect Gothic backdrop, I felt like I was about to bump into Johnny Depp in some new Tim Burton release.

The building though in many ways dark, represents the end of the Swedish occupation and was erected in 1638 as part of the momentous celebrations.

Sometimes, its not all doom and gloom.

Traditional Munich Breakfast. Photo by Jemma Jones. The Traveling Pixie
Traditional Munich Breakfast. Photo by Jemma Jones.

2. Traditional Bavarian Breakfast. 

Beer with breakfast?

Don’t mind if I do. Yes, in many ways the beer culture of Germany is a huge reason why it’s one of my favorites.

Don’t judge.

It’s a great pleasure that should be embraced! And in Bavaria they do it right, serving a Weizenbier or white beer is a common occurrence with this breakfast for champions.

But hold on to your hats for the true star of the show; the Weißwurst Frühstück is your perfect white sausage with veal and back bacon stuffed into a pork casing leaves it thick and juicy and will moat definitely put your bacon and eggs to shame.

Back in the day of no refrigerators or preservatives, a sausage like this had a considerably short life and had to be eaten before noon thus becoming the Bavarian  breakfast sausage.

Buddy these guys up with too much sweet mustard and a giant pretzel and you got travel noms at its finest.

Travel is always full of unexpected surprises, but there’s always a lesson to learn.
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Munich Must's: @Paulaner Brewery
@Paulaner Brewery. Photo by Jemma Jones.

3. Paulaner Beer Garden.

Just on the outskirts of the city centre within Krone Park aka Nockherberg hides the Paulaner Beer Garden.

The Paulaner beers biggest claim to fame is being apart of Oktoberfest. From the last weeks in September finishing up celebrations during the first weekend in October, it’s a fun filled whirlwind of Bavarian culture- drink, dance, laugh and be merry!

Missed Oktoberfest?

It doesn’t matter, especially in the summer the Paulaner Beer Garden goes off! The garden is massive with the main drinking area lined with long wooden tables regularly filled with happy German banter making it the best location for a Sunday arvo session.


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Munich Musts: @Schuttberg. Photo by Jemma Jones.
View on top of Schuttberg. Photo by Jemma Jones.

4. Schuttberg.

Ever heard the term swept under the rug?

That’s kind of what we’re talking about with the Schuttberg, hills created out of rumble. They’re scattered across Germany so you’ll most likely come across at least one on your travels.

Commonly these hills are made of the debris from fallen buildings and homes in WWII which are specifically known as Trümmerberg, Munich homes the tallest in the beautiful Olympiapark standing at 567 ft makes for an effortless hike.

As you stand at the highest peak surrounded by the lush greenery of over grown tree’s, there’s an eerie whisper in the wind as you look down on the city where on a clear day the building tops seem endless.

To create something of nature from the destruction of man we can physically see the power of turning tragic endings into new beginnings.

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