5 Tasty AF European Eats.

Backpacking though Europe is a always top of the list for most travelers millennials or not. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with choices, so before you start chowing down here’s my favorite European eats.

1.Fast Food, Amsterdam – Hot Dogs @TheTonTonClub

Some may raise an eyebrow if you said your perfect date location was the Red Light District in Amsterdam and that’s fair enough but they most likely haven’t heard of The Ton Ton Club.

If the inner Star Wars fan is already applauding then this place has to be on your Must See Amsterdam list. Small but easy to find, this club pulls the crowds by not being a club at all but a place to play retro arcade games and board games – jenga anyone?

It’s the perfect place to venture to perhaps after indulging in some of the other pleasures Amsterdam has to offer,  grab a hot dog with the lot and beer for around €10.

I should also mention The Ton Ton Club has an adult ball pit? drops mic*

European eats Brussels 2015

2. Mussels in Brussels – anywhere and everywhere

Mussels in Brussels – oh my!

Moules Frites to be more precise and you will quickly discover that mussels in Brussels are always served with fries.

‘French’ fries are actually Belgium.

This is the food you try when trekking around Belgium. Especially in the capital, basically you can’t swing a baby without hitting an establishment offering the national dish.

I wouldn’t bother wasting time researching where to go. Spending a few hours getting lost in Brussels, you’ll find the adventure will take you there.

Doused in white wine, simmered up with shallots and parsley. Traditional Moules are served up in the same pot they were cooked in, not a drop of flavor goes MIA.

Level up the taste potential and soak your Frites in the left over juices.

Seafood lovers rejoice!

European eats Marseille 2015

3. Bouillabaisse, Marseille – Vieux Port

The greatest food experience one could take would be during the summer time in France.

Walk along the famous Vieux-Port in Marseille . One of my favorite cities in France, it leaves behind the pretension of Paris yet still has the artist attitude with  a seaside romanticism.

You can read more about my Marseille adventures here.

In the background as the cool breeze from the ocean washes away the heat of the day. Somewhere the sounds of an accordion from a near by busker come wafting through, it feels like all your French dreams have suddenly come true.

Bouillabaisse has been served up for centuries and pays homage to true French cuisine. Ensuring that not a bone or body part is spared. You’ll be the one choosing the main ingredients from a plate, filled varies fish caught that very morning.

Sounding good so far, right?

Slurp up the tasty bouillon. This is the broth, which the fish are cooked in, is accompanied sometimes with a rouille or butter and bread. Now, that the fish soup has caught your attention (pun intended), the second dish is the actual fish so perfectly cooked the flesh delicately fall from the bones. It’s a perfect combination with the potatoes traditionally served with.

Even if seafood isn’t your ‘thing’ adventure is about stepping outside your comfort zone and bouillabaisse is an adventure you don’t want to miss out on.

European eats Slovenia 2015

4. Festival Food, Metaldays – Pulled Pork and Ribs @TheFlyingSmoker

What is this Metaldays she writes of?

Here’s the life lessons I learned at my favorite European metal festival.

The food at Metaldays very much surpasses the over priced hot dogs that I have been accustomed to.

Generally, you don’t expect to see a smoker at a music festival so it definitely was an eye catcher. You could smell all the delicious slowly cooked meat as soon as you walked onto the festival grounds. The Flying Smoker an overall favorite.

 Besides good meat is good meat and this is the BEST. You receive a full plate and sides and condiments and bread!

On a huge plus for someone whom definitely does not speak Slovene (except pivo = beer) the service is friendly and patient, even with rowdy metalheads slumbering through.

Go to Slovenia, buy a ticket to Metaldays and enjoy the greatest week of your life!

European eats Porto Torres 2015

5. Aprefis, Sardinia – Porto Torres

The finer European eats, are offered up off the coast of Italy the island on Sardinia. From ritzy to more low-key port towns the best place for pre dinner aprefis is Porto Torres.

A small port town, this is my favorite place in Italy as it doesn’t attract too many tourists even in the peak of summer. With everything you need, beach side restaurants, amazing beaches and little huts peppered along the shore offering cocktails and beer to cool down.

Ordering a chilled bottle of wine is almost necessary but don’t let your wallet or hungry stomach give you attitude – most restaurants will have delicious nibbles to accompany your order.

How much cheese, puffed pastry and prosciutto can you handle?

Just as swiftly as they clear one perfectly presented plate another appears.

Porto Torres is a little piece of heaven.

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